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Below are some nearby places of interest that you can visit from Redgate Smithy, either by walking, or a short car ride away...

Our Local Village - St Cleer

Our local village of St.Cleer is in easy walking distance, and can be reached via a very pleasant walk down the lane and up through Treworrick and the farm; with fine views down over the upper reaches of the East Looe river valley, and back towards the little hamlet of Redgate St.Cleer has two good pubs (always a good excuse for a walk or a meal!), a Post Office & General Store/Newsagents opposite the fine parish church, and an excellent Farm Shop for local food, the best pasties, and tasty culinary gifts. Down just past the church can also be seen the old St.Cleer's Well. The church itself is dedicated to St.Clarus, and dates back to Norman times, but the majority was built during the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries.

The parish church of St.Cleer
St Clarus, the parish church of St.Cleer.

Minions - up on the Moor

Minions is the highest village in Cornwall, and it also has the highest pub - the Cheesewring Hotel - which was opposite the old 'Temperance Hotel. It is now a Pub and Restaurant that serves excellent food. The village is an excellent centre to base your walking in this corner of the moor, and there are plenty of refreshments available in the village either before, after, or during your walks. Animals and livestock are free to wander through the village, and cattle, sheep and ponies are to be found all along the roadsides here, and indeed anywhere on Bodmin Moor. You will need to drive with care, especially through the village.

Minions Post Office and Tearooms - and cows!
Cows and sheep have the freedom of the village!

Siblyback Lake - very close!

Siblyback Lake is only about a mile and a half away, and makes for a good circuit walk, or for the more water-spirited, excellent windsurfing, sailing, or trout fishing can be had. There are also some very good facilities, including loos, changing rooms, and a range of hot and cold refreshments available in the tea shop and cafe, with seating inside or out, for walkers and sailors alike! A consistently good windsurfing and sailing wind is promised across Siblyback Lake, being up on the moor, and tuition from qualified instructors is available. You can either self-launch your own boat, or there are dinghies on site available for hire, either by the hour or by the day (including safety equipment, and Safety boat cover). There are also rowing boats, skiffs, and kayaks that can be hired by the hour or day.

Looking over Siblyback Lake towards Tregarrick Tor
Looking out over Siblyback Lake towards Tregarrick Tor

King Doniert's Stone - just up the road!

Just up the road from Redgate can be found King Doniert's Stone. Doniert (or Dunrgarth) was one of Cornwall's last Kings, who was drowned while hunting (or fighting!), in the River Fowey at Golitha Falls in the year AD875. There are two granite cross bases, which probably had wooden crosses in them originally, and one (the King Doniert's Stone) has the inscription "Doniert rogavit pro anima" - or "Doniert ordered this [asks you to pray!] for his soul". The second stone is known as "The Other Half-Stone", and originally, both may have been sited at either end of the original grave site nearby.

King Doniert's Stone and The Other Half Stone
King Doniert's Stone ~ and "The Other Half-Stone"

Trethevy Quoit - old Burial Chamber

This is a very old neolithic burial chamber, that dates from somewhere between 4,000 BC and 3,000 BC during the Neolithic Age, and is over 5,000 years old. Trethevy Quoit can be found not far from St.Cleer, and is situated in a field above Tremar Coombe, that can either be approached along a bridleway from Tremar (very muddy if wet!), or more easily from the other end of the bridleway, by the triangle in the road at the little hamlet of Trethevy, near Trethevy Farm. The chamber itself was probably a sacred site, and used as a communal tomb for the bones of the dead in the surrounding area, and would originally have been covered by an earth mound. Trethevy is one of the best preserved chambers of its type.

Trethevy Quoit near St.Cleer on the edge of Bodmin Moor
Trethevy Quoit

The Hurlers - Stone Circle

The well preserved "Hurlers" stone circles (there are in fact three circles) are very close to Minions, and the largest is over 40 metres in diameter. The circles date from sometime between 2,500 BC and 1,600 BC during the Bronze age, and are around 4,000 years old. They were no doubt a site for ancient pagan rituals and ceremonies of some kind, but their purpose has now been lost to the mists of time. Some think the Hurlers are sited on old "Ley Lines" across the landscape, lining up with other ancient sites, and many people have tried, not unsuccessfully, to trace these lines.

The Hurlers stone circle on Bodmin Moor
The Hurlers stone circles

The Cheesewring - iconic Bodmin Moor!

The "Cheesewring" is a very curious and amazingly precarious looking, but very natural, rock formation that makes for an excellent walk from Minions. It is a result of natural erosion and weathering, much like any other granite tor; despite man’s attempts at very unnatural explosions in the old Cheesewring Quarry immediately below! Supporting stones (on the right) were even put in place during blasting!

The Cheesewring, Bodmin Moor
The Cheesewring in the evening glow of sunset.


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