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Breakfast in the Conservatory 

    "Breakfast like a King,
            lunch like a lord,
                  and dine like a pauper!"
...old proverb

AA Breakfast Award 2009 - 2016
(now with QIC but same great quality breakfasts!)

A Potted History of Breakfast

During the early 19th century, breakfast was then only a light meal of bread, rolls, and butter. In the country, cold meat was also available, and eggs, meat chops and fish soon began to be added.

By the end of the 19th century, the great British Breakfast had been born ~ there were hot cutlets, cold hams, fried soles, devilled kidneys, kedgeree, crisp rolls of bacon, dishes of scrambled eggs, sausages, black or white puddings, cold grouse or pheasant, perhaps a piece of pie, and to follow, hot toast in white napkins, fresh rolls, butter, marmalades of all cuts and styles, jams, jellies, and piles of fruit!

In the 20th century, after two world wars, and with parlour-maids and cooks in service in decline, the massive indulgences of the past began to start fading away ~ the way was laid for new cereals and Kellogg's, the now famous "Egg & Bacon", the necessary Toast & Marmalade, and of course a nice cup of Tea.

But for the 21st century, we have an enticing mix of different international variations and specialities; a longing for the Sunday morning traditional "full monty" or "full English" ~ or as we say here "The Full Cornish" ~ plus teas, coffees, juices and mueslis, and once again a desire to return to the relaxing, fulfilling experience that a decent civilised British Breakfast should be.

(references ~ "Bricks & Brass", "The Great British Kitchen",
and "Redgate Smithy")

Your Redgate Smithy Breakfast

Our Cornish Heritage RangeYour breakfast is served in the relaxing atmosphere of our light and airy conservatory overlooking the garden, where you can watch the birds while you plan your day. We offer a relaxing home-cooked breakfast cooked on our range (manufactured in Cornwall, and one of the first Cornish ranges to be manufactured here for 60 years). Cooking with a proper range is a real pleasure, and we're sure that you will enjoy your special Redgate Smithy breakfast!

Breakfast is freshly prepared and cooked as you order it on the morning, whatever time you come down, and we use local produce as much as possible. We are proud to buy locally from Bodmin Moor Meats, who hand make our specially prepared sausages for us - our guests love them - and from other local suppliers. The local Nevek Eggs that we buy are wonderful! We are also pleased to support our local Horizon Farm Shop and General Store which you can also visit for lots of goodies, or even a hot pasty to take away!

Please do let us know if you are Vegetarian/Pescetarian, or if you have
any other special dietary requirements (such as Diabetic or Gluten-free) that we can help you with.

Breakfast Menu (sample)

Redgate Smithy - Fruits and Cereals Pot of Tea (Breakfast, Earl Grey or Camomile),
or Cafetière of Coffee (Columbian), or Espresso
(Decaffeinated alternatives are available)
Cornflakes, Weetabix, Bran Flakes, Fresh Fruit & Yogurts,
Redgate Smithy home-made Muesli, Natural Yoghurt & Honey,
Redgate Smithy Pears in Cranberry Juice,
or other Fruits as may be available on the day
Cornish Apple Juice ~ Orange Juice ~ Cranberry Juice.

Followed by

White or Brown Toast, or Bread, with Cornish Butter, together with either:

Redgate Smithy Breakfast - "The Full Cornish"


"The Full Cornish" Breakfast

2 Large Specially-made local Pork & Honey
Sausages (a proper treat!),
2 Rashers of Cornish Back Bacon,
2 Hash Browns,
and all served with Mushrooms,
a Fried Egg (or other),
Heinz Baked Beans,

and of course all the Toast you can eat!



Redgate Smithy Breakfast - "A Half Cornish""A Half Cornish" Breakfast

...with one Sausage, Bacon and Hash Brown
for smaller appetites!


Good Old-fashioned Ham & Eggs
Nearly but not quite 19th century! Slices of wonderfully tasty
Cold Cornish Smoked Ham, served with two lightly Fried Eggs.

(our eggs are always fried in very little oil, using no fat, with a soft yolk, unless requested otherwise)


Redgate Smithy Breakfast - "Redgate Eggs Royale"Redgate Eggs Royale (V/P)
An open Toasted Muffin, with layers of Smoked Salmon,
combined with Scrambled Eggs using Cornish Clotted Cream
and Capers, and a Basil garnish.


Mushroom & Eggs Platter (V)
A very tasty Vegetarian option, with a line-up
of Mushrooms, two lightly Fried Eggs and two Hash Browns.


Continental style Breakfast (V if without ham)
2 Hot French style butter Croissants, served with tasty Cold Cornish Smoked Ham,
Leerdammer Cheese, and Strawberry Conserve.


Creamy Scrambled Eggs on Toast (V)
Creamy scrambled Eggs, made using Cornish Clotted Cream as a secret ingredient!


Proper Poached Eggs on Toast (V)
Poached Eggs cooked the proper way, without unnecessary gadgetry!


Boiled Eggs with Toasted Soldiers (V)
Just the way they should be.


SPECIALS of the DAY, when available
May include Eggs Benedict, Cornish "Hogs Pudden", local Field Mushrooms,
or Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup, or other.

Followed by

Toast & Marmalade (rather excellent Wilkins of Tiptree; Orange Medium Cut)
"Bon Maman" Strawberry or Apricot Conserves (or Marmite or Bovril!)

"If breakfast be the food of love, eat on!" ~ Shakespeare (corrupted ~ Redgate Smithy!)

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